Ace the CNA Skills Test EASILY – With This 20-Piece CNA Practice Kit!

Let this skills practice kit help you become a well-paid, professional CNA!

Meet Lakeshia, a future CNA who's gearing up for success

“This is going to help people become more confident in the skills part of the exam. I take my test later this month, and I’m excited that I can get extra practice at home.”

The REAL Reason Why Many Aspiring
CNA’s Fail the CNA Skills Test…

Dear future CNA,

You’ve studied everything…

Yet despite trying everything, you see yourself walking into your exams still anxious…


The real reason why many aspiring CNA’s fail the skills test is lack of more hands-on experience in doing them…

They just read about the skills on some study guide…

Or watch the skills on some video….

Well reading and watching the skills isn’t the same as actually doing them!

Also when your anxiety shows up, you know your gaps with the skills are being exposed…and this naturally closes people up and sets them up to fail the skills test.

The CNA Practice Kit easily solves these core issues that stop so many aspiring CNAs

By giving them the actual tools they need to be more confident and ACE the CNA skills test! 

Top 3 Ways the CNA Practice Kit Helps
You Skyrocket 🚀 Your CNA Career!

Whether you’re nervous or anxious about taking the skills test for the first time or even if you failed the CNA Skills test before

…this kit has you covered!

The “Complete Skills Package”

The CNA Practice Kit has everything you need to master skills from denture care to ambulation. So you can focus on building skills rather than waste time finding and buying materials.

Lets You Practice, Your Way

Practice anytime, anywhere—at home, with friends, before / after school or work. The CNA Practice Kit is all about fitting into your life, not the other way around.

Get Rock-Solid Confidence!

Nail those moves, get used to saying "I got this," and become the CNA Pro. It's not just about looking confident—it's about OWNING those skills! And you can with the CNA Practice Kit!

What’s Inside the CNA Practice Kit?

The CNA Practice Kit is packed with all 20 tools you need to practice skills in the CNA test like hand washing, oral care, denture care, urine output measurement, ambulating patients, nail care, and using PPE. 

Handling these actual materials can help you NAIL the proper techniques and build confidence for the exam!

The CNA Practice Kit includes:

  1. Urinary drainage bag – Practice attaching, emptying and measuring output
  2. Denture cup – Practice providing denture care
  3. Denture – Practice denture care skills
  4. Toothette – Practice oral hygiene care
  5. Denture brush – Practice denture care
  6. Disposable underpad – Practice positioning, turning, transferring patients
  7. Gloves – Necessary for infection control during all skills
  8. Emesis basin – Practice providing emesis care
  9. Triangular graduated container – Practice measuring and recording urinary output
  10. Alcohol swabs – Practice infection control
  11. Toothbrush – Practice oral hygiene care
  12. Disposable mask – Practice PPE and infection control
  13. 60 mL syringe – Practice measuring urinary output
  14. Gait belt – Practice ambulation, transferring patients
  15. Comb – Practice hair and oral care
  16. Manicure stick – Practice nail care
  17. Emery board – Practice nail care
  18. Isolation gown – Practice PPE and infection control
  19. Bedpan – Practice using bedpans
  20. Wash basin – Practice hand washing, patient cleansing

Join These Happy CNA’s Who Are Living Their Dreams Thanks to the CNA Practice Kit

I absolutely love this! I am able to practice skills before my exam. I am will be more confident for the skills portion of the exam. Thank you!

Tallahassee, Florida

Very helpful for my cna clincial exam.

Fort Worth, Texas

I love the price, it was very durable and it definitely help during the learning process im less nervous during clinical skills time.

Eugene, Oregon

How Do I Use the CNA Practice Kit?

Understand the Skills: Start by checking out the guides and checklists. They show exactly what you need to master for the CNA exam. This helps plan which skills to practice first.

Set Up Practice Stations: Put together “skills stations” at home. For example, use one corner for walking practice, another for hygiene skills, and maybe the bedroom for things like bed-making. Each station has what you need for that skill.

Guided Practice: Use the step-by-step instructions at each station. Keep practicing until you nail the technique without help. There are feedback forms to check how you’re doing after each practice.

Practice Often: Practice when it fits your schedule at these home stations, but practice often! Doing these exercises regularly at home builds confidence for exams and real-world situations.

Repeat for Mastery: The whole idea is to keep practicing using the supplies and guides, tailored to what you need to improve. This way, you’ll be all set for the exam and beyond!

What Could Happen After Using the CNA Practice Kit
and You Pass the CNA Skills Test?

First, you might glide through each skill demo with ease as the examiners nod along, already knowing you aced it…

Then you hear your friends and family cheer loudly when you tell them you passed, and see in their faces how proud they are

The wave of relief washing over you as you walk out with a passed exam in hand, the stressful journey finally over and into a new career…

Feel the financial freedom knowing you can start earning a paycheck instead of shelling out money for repeat exams or be in a job you hate…

See the smiles on residents’ faces as you begin a rewarding new career doing meaningful work helping others…

Feel the new confidence you’ll carry yourself with as a certified nursing assistant who overcame the obstacles in front of them…

Maybe you could even teach future CNAs one day and guide them to success just as you did yourself…

And see yourself making a real difference in patients’ lives, knowing you have the skills to provide top-notch care.

Of course, it could all happen when you make the choice and get the CNA Practice Kit to help prepare you for the CNA Skills Test!

….And What Could Happen if you Skip on
Getting the CNA Practice Kit?

We all know the consequences of not trying and not investing in your career, we prefer that you see the positives of getting the CNA Practice Kit!

However, ask yourself…..

Would you want to RISK your performance, your career, your ability to get paid more, and your FUTURE — all because you decided not to get the CNA Practice Kit?  

Take the fear and uncertainty out of the skills exam.

Picture this: You, walking into your Clinical Skills exam with a grin, acing every skill. It's not a dream – it's your future with the CNA Practice Kit. Take control of your success today!

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Everything you need to confidently practice for your CNA Skills Exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just practice the skills at my training program or clinic?

The limited practice windows at crowded facilities makes it hard to repeat skills enough times to truly ingrain competency. This kit allows you to cement techniques through continuous repetition in a relaxed home environment.

Aren't these just basic supplies we use on the job anyway?

Although they may seem like basic items, training sites rarely allow you to take medical tools home. This kit bundles hard-to-find supplies so you can practice on your own timeline.

Why do I need this kit when I can just watch videos to learn the skills?

There's no substitute for tactile, hands-on repetition. Videos demonstrate skills but can't replace physically honing techniques exactly as required in exam and workplace scenarios.

Isn't this whole kit really expensive?

If you purchased everything separately, it could cost over $120 alone. We bundle all 20 essential items at nearly half of what it would usually cost

Why can't I just wing it and use what I learned in my training course?

Even the most seasoned CNAs attribute their eventual success to focused skills practice. Our kit helps you achieve skills competency mastery. Don't leave your passing scores to chance!